Allocation of an apartment by the city

The city of Dortmund rents apartments. These are used to accommodate refugees who receive benefits from the social welfare office. The offer is intended to make it easier for them to start living independently in Dortmund. The apartments are already equipped with furniture. You do not have to sign contracts for water, electricity and gas. A social worker from the Social Welfare Office is available to answer your questions and support you in moving into your new apartment.

Living in such an apartment is intended for the transition. Here you have time to arrive in Dortmund, to familiarize yourself with life and living here and to find a new apartment on your own. How quickly you get an apartment depends on the size of the apartments that become available and your household size as well as personal circumstances.

Sometimes it is easier to find an apartment for a family of four, sometimes an apartment for one or for two people becomes available more quickly. This explains the different waiting times. The social welfare office will notify you when an apartment has been found for you.

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