Foto: Nadine Albach

Compiling documents

Collect your personal documents in a folder and take them to the viewing appointment.

  • Electronic residence permit (doesn’t apply to EU citizens)
  • Leistungsbescheid from Sozialamt or Jobcenter
  • Form 2 (Bescheinigung über ein Mietangebot) from Sozialamt or Jobcenter (see step 1)
  • SCHUFA-Auskunft (SCHUFA collects all registered debts (for example caused by mobile phone contracts) and provides information; landlords thereby want to get security)
  • Mieterselbstauskunft: Most of the landlords demand a Mieterselbstauskunft before the conclusion of a lease. If you already bring it to the viewing appointment, it will make a good impression and establish trust. You can find an example for a voluntary Mieterselbstauskunft here.

Start early to request your documents, because it may take some time until you get the documents. A SCHUFA request may take up to six weeks.

Never send the original documents. A copy is sufficient.